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Oh my Gosh, we loved your store.
Kiera VanSchyndel.
shopping for my Novemeber 4 wedding

I enjoyed trying gowns on at The Proper Topper Bridal Shoppe versus being rushed at other stores. Not pushy at all and I loved hearing Mary(the owner) honest opinions and comments. There was no comparison with my previously disappointing visit at David's Bridal. I'll definitely recommend to my friends.
J. Burrows
August wedding

Amazing Service and felt so comfortable. So happy!!!!
September 15 wedding

Came looking for Bridesmaids Dresses. This was a much better experience here. Super friendly and knowledgeable.
Bridesmaid in September 16 wedding

Your service and quality of wedding dresses /bridesmaids was superior. Amazing!!!!! It was an amazing experience and I would not change anything. Keep it Up.!!!!
Rochelle C
September 16 wedding

The Proper Topper Bridal Shoppe was decorated beautifully. We received friendly service that was knowledgeable. One on one time spent on us without being rushed. It was a perfect lovely experience. ♥
Peggy Chalmers (for my daughters)
September 17 Wedding

It was perfect. Very positive, very private experience.
J. Fleming
July 22 wedding

Very Intimate. I very much enjoyed being pampered:). Thankyou so much. I would absolutely recommend to my friends.
Stephanie C.
April Wedding

Excellent Service! We had a blast and the atmosphere was sooooo... friendly.
Jess Alkema
Wedding TBA

The service at this store was so much more personal compared to other bridal shops. Our visit was wonderful!!!!
Toshia Moore
September 10 wedding

Attentive, friendly and honest. Mary was amazing. Thankyou for everything.
Kylee Rogers
Sept. 24 wedding

More Happy Brides

I found out about The Proper Topper Bridal Shoppe when a bride at another bridal shop suggested I come here to find my wedding gown!!! We received great customer service during our visit. Mary, the owner was very personable.
Danielle L

Very kind and inviting. Service was warm and inviting. I was referred to the Proper Topper by a friend and wouldn't change a thing about my visit.
May 27 wedding

I ordered my gown from The Proper Topper Bridal Shoppe and it fit so well the only alteration required was a bustle. Wonderful personal service.
Sarah Deakin
December 21 wedding

100% better than any big box store. Much more personable. Each of my visits were perfect and I couldn't have asked for more. (Purchased dress here and had my alterations done by Mary) Highly recommended.
Janice Derbyshire
November 7 wedding

I found the environment very inviting!! I enjoyed the whole experience and had a lot of fun !!! Thank you.
Krista Fillmore
September 10 wedding

I was told about The Proper Topper Bridal Shoppe from friends and also checked it out online. Mary did an amazing job with my dress and even though there was an issue she worked with me and made sure I was happy right till the time I picked up my dress. My visits were stress-free and without pressure. I would recommend to friends.
Jessica Weaver
October wedding

Thankyou Mary!!!! You exceeded my expectations when altering my dress from Kleinfelds of New York. I'm so excited to wear my perfect dress!!! Kind, professional service all around.
Olivia Craig
August 1/2015 wedding

Heard about this shop by word of mouth as well as a bridal show I attended. I found Mary to be very hands on and helpful.
Jessica Fulton
September wedding

Top Notch. It was an amazing experience.
Karla Derbyshire
November wedding

Very professional and intimate experience.
Amanda Taylor Party
May wedding

Found this shop more personable, our time here was very focused as we were not competing with others for fitting rooms and dresses when looking for bridesmaids dresses. Our visit was wonderful.
Rachel Young
August 20 wedding

I was very happy and satisfied with the whole experience. Thankyou so much.
Julie N/Maracle
September 26 wedding

A+ with great service. I would and did recommend.
Catherine MacDonald
September 26 wedding

Mary is the best seamstress I have ever met. She is professional and her expertise is world class!! She is a miracle worker!! It was perfect from beginning to end. Would I recommend her - yes, yes,yes.
J Placko
September 12 wedding

This was my first outing looking for wedding gowns but it was perfect. Very personable and very comfortable. My co-worker suggested this store and I wasn't disappointed.
C. Crawford
September 24/2016 wedding

Much nicer than any other bridal shop. Very helpful with a great selection. Everything was perfect - thanks so much.
M Haddad
August 8, 2015 wedding

No comparison!!! Thankyou for everything.
Meghan Bakker
July 18/2015

Great. I liked that it is one bride at a time.
Maureen Button
May 21//016 wedding

Excellent- good, above and beyond. Not like Davids Bridal - way better. It was great. Very pleasant and I enjoyed myself. Great experience.
S. Williams
June 20/2015 wedding

The dresses were beautiful and you made me feel so comfortable as a plus size bride. I never thought I would be able to have the dress of my dreams.
October 18/2015 wedding

Best by far. We loved our time here.
M Haddad
August 8/2015

The best!!! You were so knowledgable and made it so much fun.
Judy H
August 8/2015

Enjoyed the one on one time spent with me and there were lots of dresses to try.
K. Dawson
June 11/2016 wedding

Fantastic. Great one on one service and lots of options with no pressure.
F. Lasowski
June 6/2015 Wedding

Beautiful variety of accessories. Elegant hand made veils with personalized customer service.
Rosanne L
June 6/2015 wedding

More Happy Brides

Mary went above and beyond to make me feel special and beautiful. I couldn't have asked for a better fitting. Everything was amazing.
Carla Brand
September 19th wedding

Fabulous, Friendly and Listened!!! Found The Proper Bridal Shoppe from word of mouth referrals. Everything was wonderful at my appointment.
Kaitlyn B
September 19/2015 Wedding

First Rate!!! Thankyou Mary you're wonderful. So attentive. I love my dress!!!!!
Christine Webb
June 6th/2015 wedding

Much more intimate and comfortable than others I've visited. Everything was relaxed and smooth.
Anneli Must
Oct. 24/2015 wedding

Great personalized service. Great suggestions and attentive to my wants and vision. We had a great experience.
Kathleen Stanton
November 1st/2015 wedding

Nice and cozy. Personalized with no other clients in shop during our appointment time.
Jackson Party
September 19/2015 wedding

This was our first stop and it was very enjoyable. I wouldn't change anything. I said "Yes" to my beautiful dress!!!
Abigail Cressy
January 9th, 2016 wedding

Found out about store at the Hamilton Bridal Show and recently visited. They were reasonably priced (bridesmaids dresses) and friendly. The was really knowledgable. Great Service!
Breanne Chaston
November 14/2015 wedding

Feels more cosy and quaint. Purchased bridesmaids dresses here.
Krystal Ryan
August 15/2015 wedding

Great Variety of Bridesmaids dresses. Would have liked more larger sizes bm's dresses 22-28 in stock.
Kylee Wilson-Powell
June 11/2016 wedding

More Happy Brides

Accomodating, intimate atmosphere. Very good shop and local.
Jasmine Branton
Wedding August 29/2015

We were told about The Proper Topper Bridal Shoppe by a friend. Found our bridesmaids dresses! Great!! Very helpful and friendly. Our visit was perfect. Thankyou Mary.
Bridesmaids in August 29/2015 wedding

Better than any other shop we visited. Found shop as result of referral.
Mary has a great personality.
Trina Graham
Feb. 28 visit

I enjoyed my experience at The Proper Topper.
One of the best shops I visited.
Melanie Silva
November 16/2015 wedding


I wanted to thank you for altering my dress and sewing on my black sash! The dress fit like a glove and I felt so beautiful on Saturday.

You were able to calm my nerves about my bridal gown since I had bought it at Rainbow Bridal and then they went bankrupt. You did an absolutely amazing job.

The 6 bustles worked perfectly. I was able to dance the night away with my husband and our guests.

Thank you again Mary for everything :)
Sylwia Kimla

More Happy Brides

Much better than David's Bridal. You were fantastic. Thank you so much!!
Sarah Morgan

Enjoyed our visit. Purchased my wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses on our February 21st visit. Everything was fantastic.
Carolyn J
June 27th Wedding

Amazing. I was able to get my wedding dress altered in TWO days. Great Service. Everything was perfect.
Jeannie P
Feb. 21/15 Wedding

Very friendly and accommodating with reasonable prices.
Jennifer McKillop
May 2015 Wedding

Fantastic service and helpful. Helped solve our problems.

More intimate with a personal touch.
Joy Dunning
Wedding August 29/2015

Bridesmaids area could have been bigger. This was the only store we've been to so far.
Mallory Sipos
March 5,2016

More Happy Brides

Outstanding service, very relaxing and made my dreams come to life. My visit was perfect in every way. I found my beautiful wedding dress on my first visit to The Proper Topper Shop. This store is absolutely amazing.
Karla Derbyshire
Wedding July 4/2015

I had The Proper Topper Bridal Shoppe do the alterations on my wedding gown which I had purchased at another store (now out of business). I just loved how quaint the shop was. Mary, you made me feel so comfortable while I prepared for the biggest day of my life.
Sylvia K
Wedding February 14, 2015

We found the shop on google search. They provided a helpful, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere. Our visit was very enjoyable. I found my Mom of Bride dress here. They really gave us exceptional service.
Janice D

I'm so thankful we came to your shop after visiting your website.
We found my sisters beautiful gown as well as a dress for mysel, Maid of Honour andfor my Mom- all in one visit. Our time spent at the store was absolutely incredible and very personal. You have an amazing shop and I'm already looking forward to coming back when our dresses arrive!!! I will certainly recommend you to friends,
Hilary Derbyshire

We had a great time when visited the shop. Nobody rushed us and we found many newer bridesmaids styles not available at the other stores we went to. We found staff very friendly and very accommodating.
Amber R.
August 8. 2015 wedding date

I loved that the wedding dresses were different and many one of a kind. My visit was very enjoyable and Mary made me feel special. I was given honest opinions on the dresses I tried on.
Candyce B
November 2015 wedding

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